Starting the CSAXBlog

Hi, it's Jim Nightingale here starting up a blog on Continuum Sax and the things we do. It might seem strange, but the first blog will be to write about our activities in 2010. We gave World Premier performances of works by Rosalind Page, Robert Davidson, Katia Beaugeais, and Martin Kay (Martin's pieces have just gone up on our site for you to have a listen to–you can also check out Martin's recent jazz recordings at We recorded a huge range of new repertoire including new works by Julian Curwin and Damien Ricketson.

Working in Continuum Sax is about diversity. There is a huge contrast between Julian and Damien's work, for example. Julian is a jazz guitarist and composer who plays with in Tango Saloon and the Fantastic Terrific Munkle (amongst many other bands)- which you can find on the Jazzgroove Label. Damien is a composer who is artistic director of Ensemble Offspring, a new music ensemble based in Sydney. Couldn't be more different really but Continuum Sax can bring these kinds of things together in the one place.

Throughout 2010 Continuum Sax have been adjusting to a new direction with Christina Leonard joining the group. It's so important to respect and enjoy working with the other musicians in a chamber ensemble. We all get on really well which makes the whole endeavour really satisfying.

Check out the blog again in 2011 when we've got new collaborations with Sydney Chamber Choir, Clocked Out and the release of our recording of Matthew Hindson's Videogame Dreaming (maybe in March?).

Finally a big thanks to Barry at for hosting our website. His support of us is inestimable and I encourage all readers to have a look at the reedmusic site. There is a lot of Continuum Sax there to hear in samples and a lot of pieces written for us have been published by